Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery Planning


Designer, wizard, creator, start-up business builder, CIO and Shareholder are many of the words that describe Alan, who also has many decades of experience in IT systems, technical process and technical Due Diligence. With vast knowledge as a Systems Architect in Backup and Disaster recovery, complemented by Cyber Security and ISO qualifications, Alan has built and tested many Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery plans for both small businesses and large international enterprises. He has also implemented GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation) and other data legal processes, and conducted risk assessments for international businesses. He has created a host of templates and best practice tools to help companies manage and maintain their own Risk, Policies and Plans in a customised and user-friendly format.

Services include:

Business continuity & Disaster recovery:
Development of dynamic, pro-active and user-friendly DR plans and an integrated BC plan including RTO/RPO’s
Comprehensive compliance consultancy
Including awareness and training: readiness assessment and compliancy roadmap spanning 5 business departments, retro design with audit logs
For the entire business: best practice tools with continuous assessment and education, reduction of risk through phishing training portal awareness

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Business continuity & Disaster recoveryComprehensive compliance consultancyCybersecurity


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